Governments, Mass surveillance, and Terrorism

When people talk about governments, mass surveillance, and terrorism there are always complications mainly because the topics do not go together. Governments are always trying to stop the terrorists, in doing so, they perform mass surveillance. Once the people find out that the governments have been spying on their every move they get angry at the governments. The reality of the situation is that there needs to be more balance, cooperation, and communication between the governments, government agencies, and the people. This is a difficult problem to solve.


Before I start talking about governments let me first say that I am not against any government, I am not here to put down any government nor is Mr. Snowden who is stuck in Russia. All of the TRUE activists are not doing what they do to destroy any government. The true activists do what they do to expose the truth and bring a necessary balance to this world. I look at it as keeping the governments in line. If you ever come across an activist that is against a government and their goal is to bring a government down then they are not a true activist. I am publishing this article on September 11, 2014 (the 13th anniversary of the Sept. 11 Attacks) to show what we need to do and to give hope to the people who lost loved ones 13 years ago. Governments play an important role in society today. Without governments we would be missing an important piece to the puzzle. When thinking about governments and the internet, it is easiest for me to think of them as just a very large enterprise. Governments are a large enterprise except there customers are citizens of a country. Governments play an interesting role on the internet that role consists of two parts. Part one is they are protectors of the internet and they try (to some extent) to protect their citizens on the internet. Part two is that they are also exploiters of the internet and they exploit certain people because they fit into some category on a list. This is not the way to stop terrorism. You can’t stop terrorists by categorizing all of the Muslims who live in the US and who might be visiting a specific website. This is not the way to combat terrorism. The governments do not need to be collecting more information; they already have all of the information they need. Days before the attack on the World Trade Center analysts already had enough information to prevent the attack, they just did not have the resources to properly search through the information and put two and two together. In my opinion we need to create better algorithms to properly search and index the information that is collected by NSA. We don’t need more TURMOIL collection systems, and we certainly do not need TURBINE systems to attack innocent targets.


Mass Surveillance
The only thing I have to say about mass surveillance is that it does not help prevent terrorism and in the long run does not benefit anyone. I have several articles regarding mass surveillance, if you would like to read some of them click here.


Terrorism is a big problem in today’s world. The truth is I am not too sure how we should combat terrorism, but I do know that mass surveillance is not the answer. Mass surveillance has many problems because it leaves our core infrastructure open to attack for anyone. Plus if our infrastructure is left open do you really think the terrorists are going to use it? No! The terrorists are using strong cryptography because they do not want anyone to interfere with their plans. The terrorists might even have their own public switched telephone network (PSTN) or something like it so they do not even have to use our infrastructure which is left open to attack. This is exactly what the Mexican Drug Cartels do; they have their own PSTN and use it for their secure telephone conversations. They also take advantage of our infrastructure being open to attack by tapping into it and monitoring the data as it is transmitted over an insecure line. If they find that someone is trying to “tip off” a member of one of the Drug Cartels they will go to the location of the phone call and kill the person. This is an example of why mass surveillance does not work and why we need to focus more energy towards targeted surveillance on people or groups that we know are bad.


Thank you all for taking the time to read this post! And God bless all of the families that lost loved ones on Sept. 11, 2001, God bless the USA and most of all God bless our planet.

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