(TS//SI//REL) An embedded computer system running BLINDDATE tools. Sparrow II is a fully functional WLAN collection system with integrated Mini PCI slots for added functionality such as GPS and multiple Wireless Network Interface Cards.
(U//FOUO) System Specs
Processor: IBM Power PC 405GPR
Memory: 64MB (SDRAM), 16MB (FLASH)
Expansion: Mini PCI (Up to 4 devices) supports USB, Compact Flash, and 802.11 B/G
OS: Linux (2.4 Kernel)
Application SW: BLINDDATE
Battery Time: At least two hours
(TS//SI//REL) The Sparrow II is a capable option for deployment where small size, minimal weight and reduced power consumption are required. PCI devices can be connected to the Sparrow II to provide additional functionality, such as wireless command and control or a second or third 802.11 card. The Sparrow is shipped with Linux and runs the BLINDDATE software suite.


Unit Cost: $6K
Status: (S//SI//REL) Operational Restrictions exist for equipment deployment.


Thank you for taking the time to read this article! As always keep the faith!
The NSA’s original documentation on SPARROW-II



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