NSA Releases Incriminating Documents

On Christmas Eve the National Security Agency (NSA) released forty-eight PDF documents on their website that proves that they illegally spied on Americans. These documents were heavily redacted prior to release yet they still reveal the NSA’s wrongdoing. Four of the PDF documents are annual reports and the other forty-four are quarterly reports to the President’s Intelligence Oversight Board (IOB). The forty-four quarterly reports were submitted from the fourth quarter of 2001 to the second quarter of 2013 and the four annual reports are consolidations of the relevant quarterly reports. The release of these documents was a response to an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Freedom of Information Act request which was a long-fought legal battle. I have included a link to download all 48 of the documents in one compressed (zipped) file, alternatively I have also included links to view each document individually. I also recommend that you visit the NSA’s site to see their official statement to the public.

NSA Reports to the President’s Intelligence Oversight Board (IOB)


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4 Annual Reports to the President’s Intelligence Oversight Board (IOB)

CY2007_Annual_IOB_Report CY2008_Annual_IOB_Report CY2009_Annual_IOB_Report CY2010_Annual_IOB_Report

44 Quarterly Reports to the President’s Intelligence Oversight Board (IOB)

FY2001_4Q_IOB_Report FY2002_4Q_IOB_Report FY2002_3Q_IOB_Report FY2002_2Q_IOB_Report FY2002_1Q_IOB_Report FY2003_4Q_IOB_Report FY2003_3Q_IOB_Report FY2003_2Q_IOB_Report FY2003_1Q_IOB_ReportFY2004_4Q_IOB_Report FY2004_3Q_IOB_Report FY2004_2Q_IOB_Report FY2004_1Q_IOB_Report FY2005_4Q_IOB_Report FY2005_3Q_IOB_Report FY2005_2Q_IOB_Report FY2005_1Q_IOB_Report FY2006_4Q_IOB_Report FY2006_3Q_IOB_Report FY2006_2Q_IOB_Report FY2006_1Q_IOB_Report FY2007_4Q_IOB_Report FY2007_3Q_IOB_Report FY2007_2Q_IOB_Report FY2007_1Q_IOB_Report FY2008_4Q_IOB_Report FY2008_3Q_IOB_Report FY2008_2Q_IOB_Report FY2008_1Q_IOB_Report FY2009_2Q_IOB_Report FY2009_1Q_IOB_Report FY2010_4Q_IOB_Report FY2010_2Q_IOB_Report FY2010_1Q_IOB_Report FY2011_4Q_IOB_Report FY2011_3Q_IOB_Report FY2011_2Q_IOB_Report FY2011_1Q_IOB_Report FY2012_4Q_IOB_Report FY2012_3Q_IOB_Report FY2012_2Q_IOB_Report FY2012_1Q_IOB_Report FY2013_2Q_IOB_Report FY2013_1Q_IOB_Report

Download all 48 PDF documents in 7z format

Download all 48 PDF documents in ZIP format

Download all 48 PDF documents in tar/gzip format

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  1. Rick

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention and keeping us all up to date about what’s going on behind our back! Please continue to tell the truth, publish the truth, and fight for what’s right even when it’s not the popular thing to do. God Bless You for all you do.

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