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Information Security in Our World Today

Information security (InfoSec) is a very static yet dynamic field of study. One thing that is important to understand about information security is that over time it transforms, but the underline concept always remains the same: to protect information or data (bits) from unauthorized access. This is only the underlying concept of information security; there are many other parts to it. Several decades ago InfoSec was all about how secure of a lock you had on your physical data room. These days it has transformed quite-a-bit. Today we have the Internet; a large network of interconnected routers. With the Internet
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Silk Road 2.0 Taken Down By United States Authorities

On 11/4/14 U.S authorities including the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) along with European law enforcement agencies announced that they have taken down Silk Road 2.0 [silkroad6ownowfk.onion], which is the successor website to the original Silk Road. Blake Benthall was the owner of Silk Road 2.0; he was arrested on 11/5/14 in San Francisco and the charges that were brought up against him carry a maximum sentence of life in prison. While I do not totally disagree with what law officials did here I do disagree with the actions
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