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Governments, Mass surveillance, and Terrorism

When people talk about governments, mass surveillance, and terrorism there are always complications mainly because the topics do not go together. Governments are always trying to stop the terrorists, in doing so, they perform mass surveillance. Once the people find out that the governments have been spying on their every move they get angry at the governments. The reality of the situation is that there needs to be more balance, cooperation, and communication between the governments, government agencies, and the people. This is a difficult problem to solve.   Governments Before I start talking about governments let me first say
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Why the World Needs Cryptocurrencies

If you have never heard of the term “cryptocurrencies” then please read my other article Cryptocurrencies A Possible Alternative to Traditional Banking before you read this one.   Why Cryptocurrencies Are Critical To Our Freedom Cryptocurrencies bring a simple choice to people today and that is the choice to be in control of your money or for a bank to be in control. At this point in time I don’t think Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are at the point where everyone should go out and invest all of their money into, that would be foolish, but that does not mean
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