The Future of Our Tor Nodes Project

Over the past year we have been working on a side project that we titled our ‘Tor Nodes’ project. Throughout this last year there have been many challenges that we have faced from this project and because of the current state of our company we have come to the conclusion to suspend the Tor Nodes project until a later date. This not-for-profit side project has been one of the slowest moving projects that we have ever created due to the lack of funding on our part and the Tor network’s history. Almost every provider that we have had or have ever considered partnering up with have denied us the ability to use their equipment, whether it is bare metal hardware or IP Transit (depending on the provider) for the use of running Tor exit nodes. A handful of providers that we have been with allowed us to run Tor bridges and Tor relays but our goal was to grow bigger than that and expand the Tor network at the exit points by running exit nodes. We were planning to scale this out to a worldwide interconnected link of Tor bridges, Tor relays, and Tor exit nodes but because of all of the setbacks we simply cannot proceed with this project at this time. As a result of all of the issues that we had with our providers and because of the lack of funding on our part towards this project we only ever had up to two Tor bridges or relays officially online at one time. This was a failure on our part both internally and externally, we hope that in the future when we are ready to continue with this project that we will be a lot more prepared. We do still support the Tor project and will continue to make donations to them in the future. We are open to comments and suggestions as to how we should proceed with this matter.


PJHoodsCo sincerely apologizes to the users of our Tor nodes that will be affected by this decision. Thank you for taking the time to read this article! As always keep the faith!

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